Quantum Blessings of Light 2018

Something Beautiful I want to share with all of you for the New Year 2018. Please read so you advance to a new phase of evolution:

The importance of the next phase of evolution is currently being accelerated by extraordinary speeds….this is not just some esoteric concept idea or channeled information….this comes straight out of scientific research. The most important thing is to wish you a Happy New Year 2018 and knowing how many contacts that we have and being practitioners to help support our and others biological bodies and our spiritual knowing innate within each one of us… that can be easily activated when done consciously. The key is to raise our vibration to higher levels of being just like Dr. David R. Hawkins,M.D.,Ph.D. said in the book Power versus Force. We can help with the EDUCTOR-The best in computerized integrative quantum medicine to train and raise our vibrational energy and frequencies We are entering now into 2018 and in numerology…. it’s an 11-a master number-a very powerful number to master ourselves and to make the right choices with wisdom for all of humanity. NOW “the speed of light” and which things occur is extraordinary…. Each year we are exposed to cosmic dust over 40,000 pounds of it that lands here on earth every year….and the radiation that pours from the Galactic center in the last few years is even more clearly evident as we are now in 2018 creating a window of light and radiation that permeats our universe. Recent research from MIT stating that humans (babies being born) on earth approximately six years ago were growing with three (3) DNA strands … A few years ago there were babies being born with four (4) DNA strands…. Also on earth the microbes in the earth itself have changed dramatically…. there’s more electrical energy in the air….. It’s literally waking us up…. more light…… more consciousness……. everything is speeding up….. the important thing is… is that we bring attention in awareness to how we can better function…..with better nutrition for our bodies and keeping our bodies hydrated, rested and in emotional balance…… it’s all an opportunity to stabilize and balance ourselves so that we can function at our best possible level…us and for many other people….we are the reflection of others and we can all benefit to raise our vibration. To increase its impact of our environment…….to improve our energetic field just like Dr. Bruce Lipton,Ph.D. said in the book The Biology of Belief-Unleashing the Power of Concousness, Matter and Miracles. The amount of cosmic dust and radiation bombarding our planet is increasing and mutating our cells ….all of these things are important pieces to just understand clearly how quickly things are changing…… As a Molecular Biologist these are my observations. The most important thing is this that we use our HEARTS (HEART COHERENCE TECHNIQUES -From Heartmath Institute) to create an Energetic Bio-Field with our technology the EDUCTOR to simultaneously with homeopathic, Color therapy and High (Angelic) frequencies train ourselves , reduce our stress and transmit a grid of the most positive energetics to surround the planet Earth for Peace and Love. The most important thing is that we take care of each other by taking care of ourselves and sharing this with as many people as we can from an energetic standpoint….. It’s not an intellectual process….it’s a heart-based process…. I wish you The Very Best New Year 2018 of Accelerated Joy, Love, Enthusiasm, Happiness, Wealth and Dynamic Health at all levels mind, body and spirit for ALL.

Dr. Violetta Anninou, Ph.D.
Diplomate and Board Certified Quantum Academies, Beverly Hills, California, U.S.A.
Mentoring Worldwide
Molecular Biologist with HONORS, University of Delaware, U.S.A.
Holds two doctorates:
1) Highest Honors in Holistic Nutrition, U.S.A.
Post Graduate Studies in Neuro-Anatomy, in Neuroelectro-Physiology and Neurology,
Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Awarded for her research in Molecular Biology from Dupont, Delaware, U.S.A.
(Dupont Medical Research)
Candidate Ph.D. in Quantum Integrative Medicine, U.S.A.-
Accredited worldwide

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